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About Carolyn

Carolyn’s Affordable Counselling was founded in 2013 as a more affordable option to help support the wellbeing and mental health of individuals, couples and families in the Caboolture and surrounding suburbs.

Carolyn’s early career was in the education system which involved helping special needs children. She then moved to customer service and progressed through to management. Carolyn’s interaction and support of people through her occupation led her to realise how expensive counselling support was in North Brisbane and how this was jeopardising and preventing people from getting help. Carolyn started volunteer counselling and this led her, in 2008, to pursue her qualification in counselling. Shortly after graduating in 2011 Carolyn joined the ACA and MHA and started establishing her business.

Since then Carolyn has counselled over 1000 clients providing them with support, knowledge, skills and strategies to resolve, change, adjust and overcome difficulties which in turn, has enhanced their quality of life.

Carolyn’s mission for making counselling more affordable for everyone has seen her offer half hour sessions, reduced fee for first session as well as pensioner discounts. Carolyn also considers financial hardship on a case to case basis.

Carolyn continues to develop her skills, training, and supervision each year above and beyond what is required of her in accordance with the Australian Counselling Association.


  • Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling
  • Diploma of Professional Counselling (AIPC)
  • ACA Membership Level 2
  • Psychological First Aid Certificate
  • Family Law Counsellor Certificate
  • Food and Nutrition Certificate

MHA Certificates

  • Pre-Marital Counselling
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Losing Intimacy
  • Communicating with children
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Loss & Grief
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Depression
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • School Bullying
  • Coaching strategies part A & B
  • Anger Management
  • Growth mindset
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Counselling Clients with Disabilities
  • Couple Counselling: Models and Interventions

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain


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How do counsellors help?
Counsellors listen and help clients to identify problems, explore options, learn strategies and increase awareness. Many clients consider counselling a therapeutic outlet.
What therapeutic approach do you use in counselling?
The situation will determine the approach used. The main therapeutic approaches used in Carolyn's Affordable Counselling are: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Humanism, Psychodynamic Approach, and Mindfulness Skills.
Why should I choose Carolyn’s Affordable counselling?
Carolyn Lacey is one of north Brisbane’s most affordable professional counsellors. Carolyn endeavours to keep her fee down to prevent further burden when clients are often at their lowest.
Carolyn is passionate about helping people and this is reflected in her attitude and reviews. Her understanding and caring nature has often bought clients back to her for a chat after years have passed.
Carolyn’s Affordable Counselling is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, respectful environment where clients can get the support they need to help them resolve their issues.
GP is not necessary, you can self-refer.
Are you a Counsellor or Psychologist?
Carolyn is a qualified professional counsellor. Carolyn Lacey MACA Prof Couns Dip 2011, Level 2.
Are you qualified and experienced?
Carolyn is a professional counsellor level 2. She has all relevant qualifications necessary for counselling in compliance with the Australian Counselling Association.
She completes professional development each year(training, courses and supervision). Carolyn has counselled 1000 clients and specialises in relationship counselling.
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
No, you do not need a doctor’s referral, although doctor’s or psychologists may give you my number. You may self- refer. Book online or call/email on your own accord.
What if I need a Psychologist, how do I know?
Carolyn will refer a client if she feels the scope of help you need is outside the boundaries of her qualifications.
If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are unsure if you can see a counsellor, contact Carolyn and after a few questions she will let you know.
Is there a charge if I miss my session or if I cancel?
If you cancel a session, you will not be charged if you have given 24hrs notice.
If no one can attend the session and 24hrs prior notice was not given you can be charged.
An emergency cancellation is accepted within 24hours of session time.
If I book online, do I have to pay upfront?
No, you can choose to pay in person at the session. You can pay via secure PayPal machine using Visa, American Express, or Mastercard or you can pay with cash.
Will my health fund cover me?
Counselling is not always covered by health funds.
Please check with your health fund prior to booking.
How can I afford counselling?
Just as your physical health is important, so is your mental health and happiness. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that stress can affect your physical health. Carolyn’s Affordable Counselling offers counselling at a very competitive rate. If your case requires more than 5 sessions a discount is offered on the next session.
Lower income, unemployment, pensioners may receive 10% discount upon sighting of their pensioner card.
Financial hardship will be considered on a case to case basis.
Can I have a longer or shorter session?
Yes, clients can have from 30 to 90 minutes. The cost will change depending on the time you choose, this different amount can be paid at the session.
What kinds of counselling do you do, what do you help people with?
Marriage/relationship counselling
Family Counselling
Individual Counselling
Pre-marital Counselling (proactive in reducing divorce)
Anxiety and Depression
School/ workplace/partner Bullying
Anger Management
Alcohol Addiction
Giving up Smoking
Past childhood abuse
With couple/family counselling sessions, can we see you separately or do we always have to come together?
It may be beneficial for clients to come separately to start with. This can be more comfortable for the client to speak out without fear of interruption, criticism or judgement from their partner or family member.
It is best to come to your counselling session, even if at times your partner or family member cannot make the session.
How many sessions will I need and how many weeks or months will it take to help?
This is a grey area and no definitive answer can be given as each case is different and treated accordingly. It will also depend on how often you can come.
Some Clients may only need a few sessions.
If I have finished counselling, can I come back to you in the future?
Most clients can come back to Carolyn’s Affordable Counselling.
Occasionally a clients situation is outside the scope of help Carolyn can give in which case the client may be referred to another professional.
Will counselling save my marriage/relationship?
Not always, although the sooner you get help the better chance you have, so don’t wait too long.
Once marriage/couple counselling has finished, as a preventative platform It is recommended the couple come back once every 3-6 months for counselling, as clients seem more motivated to keep working with strategies and have less regression to old unhealthy behaviour habits.
Couples that are more willing to make some changes, become aware, learn and implement strategies taught, have a much higher chance of not only staying together but maintaining a more fulfilling relationship.
If my child needs counselling do I come with them?
Yes at least for the first session, and if your child prefers you to be there yes.
What if I am running late, should I still come and will I get the full session?
Yes still come, even if you're running late as you would still get charged for this session because you haven't given enough notice to cancel. There is usually a 30 minute gap between clients, therefore you may use this time.
There may be clients immediately after your session, you will then have to finish at the allotted time.